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Aspects to Look For In a Survival Knife Before Picking One

Make sure you have a knife in your handbag or pocket everywhere you go. Pocket knives are distinct from other knives such as kitchen knives because their purpose is for you to find them easy to bring with you anywhere. People carry knives that they can hide away because of aims known to them but not always to attack others.Selecting a perfect knife requires you to know the features you are looking for in a knife.

Consider the metal that makes the blade of the knife. A steel blade, unlike other metals like iron, cannot rust. It will take longer before your knife wears out because steel does not rust at all.Ensure that the blade is pure steel because if it is a combination of steel and another metal, it will rust.

The design of the blade should be of your taste. Choose between saw-like and straight blade.You will find it easy to sharpen a straight blade without special equipment but a stone.

The length of the blade is also an excellent feature to look at. Whether you like it long or short depends on your perception of how long is too long and how short is too short.It also depends on how you are going to use the knife.A very long blade can be difficult for you to hold in your palm and to carry in your pocket.

A thick blade is hard and resistant to force which makes it very strong.A the blade that is flexible because it is thin is troublesome to use when you put it to hard tasks like chopping wood.

Handles vary with the type of knife. You better not go for sunken handles. A tang of the knife does not extend fully into the handle because of the hollow in the handle. Disjointing of the tang and the handle needs no much effort. A good knife should not have the hollow that makes the joint between the tang and the handle weak.

The tang must extend to the end of the handle. Your knife will withstand all the pressure and force exerted on it if the tang and the handle are compact.If the tang is halfway into the handle, the blade will break off from the handle.

When the peak is acute and razor-sharp, be sure that it is an excellent knife. Some knives have tips with round, flat, straight or even hooked. Acute and sharp knives at the tip are the best tools for defense when an animal and fellow human being threatens your life by coming into physical contact with you. You will also find the essential when you go out to hunt.
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