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The Benefits of a Secondary Air Injection System

With a secondary air injection system your exhaust stream can be injected with fresh air. With the fresh air injected into the exhaust strea,, exhaust gases experience proper combustion. The inspirited air injection and the pumped air injection are the two methods or categories of secondary air injection systems. Here are some of the benefits of using the secondary air injection pump.

The use of the secondary air injection pump is to lessen the hazardous substance emission during the cold starting. You can have good cold starting of your petrol engine if there is an affluent mixture. During the process of cold starting the mixture can produce more carbon dioxide and unburned hydrocarbon. At this time, the oxygen sensor emission and the catalytic converter have not yet reached the operating temperature. Because of this, toxic chemicals are allowed to escape into the atmosphere. This is why it is necessary to use the secondary injection pump in order to minimize the harmful substances emitted during cold starting. With the secondary injection pump, a high level of oxygen is contained in it which is injected to the exhaust gas manifold easily to the downstream of the exhaust valve. This causes the oxidation of toxic substances which can generate carbon dioxide and water which are safe. When the process is taking place, heat is produced in the secondary air injection pump. This heats the catalytic converter. There is a reduction of time for the oxygen sensor emission to control the process.

The environment is protected when secondary air injection is used. The reason for this is that during cold starting, the high concentration of carbon monoxide and unburned hydrocarbons are reduced. This then reduces the emission of harmful substances into the atmosphere. This makes them comply with the current emission standards. This shows that secondary air injection can be used to clean the leftovers.

This injection pump uses a fault for safety. The fault is seen in the form of oscillating the speed and the whistling noise produced during cold starting. Faults in the air injection pumps are signaled by an engine indicator lighting. It then enables the vehicle to turn to the reduced performance which is an emergency operation.

You benefit from using a secondary air injection system because it is maintenance free. If there are long maintenance intervals, damage to mixture preparation, use of poor quality engine oils and fuels, etc., then it can lead to the soiling and sticking of the secondary air valves. You can easily pass the exhaust gas test as part of the roadworthiness test of your vehicle if your secondary air system works perfectly.

There are many benefits to enjoy using secondary air injection pump not only to your car but to the environment as well.

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